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All Software in One Place

softwareLooking for a one-place stop to download the latest antivirus software? There are a few things you should know before downloading computer software on the Internet.

If you’re a PC owner, you probably know the risks of downloading and installing computer programs over the Internet. You run the risk of being infected by nasty computer viruses that might damage your PC or worse steal your personal information. Locky, a particularly nasty virus that locked up thousands of computers until the owners paid a ransom, reminded everyone just how risky it is to download computer programs from untrusted sites early this year. The ransomware destroyed vast amounts of computer data when their owners failed to pay the ransom.


Why to buy software from one place?


Apart from getting infected, there are several other reasons why you should get your computer softwares from a single trusted site:

  • Convenience: Using a single trusted website for all of your software needs is like shopping in a mall. Everything you want is housed there so you don’t have to go through dozens of sites before you get what you want.
  • Time: Suppose you urgently need software to do your taxes before tax day. If you don’t know a website that serves all the right programs, chances are that you will spend a significant amount of time looking for one. With a one stop site for computer programs, you just have to type in the name of the computer software and you’ll get a list of various products you can use.
  • Support: For every software you download from a trusted site, the folks who own it are more than happy to assist you if you encounter technical difficulties. Downloading software from anonymous sources comes with zero support. If you download a program from an unknown link that requires java to run, and you have no idea what java is, you’re stuck.
  • Feedback: On a trusted web resource for softwares, you have the convenience of accurate user reviews and feedback. The reviews help you judge if a multimedia program or html editor is right for you. You would be hard pressed to find such reviews or feedback on other sites.
  • High Chances of Getting The Right Program: Using a trusted software site guarantees you the best desktop programs available. So if you are shopping for the best antivirus programs, you stand a better chance of finding one on a trusted site. On the other hand, shopping on an anonymous website is like a playing chicken.

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